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We are working on universal examination platform solution

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Wiss. Mitarbeiter M. Sc. Dennis

Dear Master and Bachelor students if you know at least one language or platform from listed above, please contact us to write your Thesis in our faculty in 2019! Our program started in April 2019 and limited to 20 Software/Electronic engineers.

We will support you with the best equipment, professional technical consultations. Your supervisor has more than 8 year of experience in software development in international companies. We will teach your coding like professionals.

We will help you learn the professional tools:


Convert idea in Business! We will support initiative student to build their own business. Make research with us, submit it to EXIST or other founds.

Our faculty is optimal place for business oriented students. We are not theoretical coaches, we are practices.


If you are experienced software/electronic engineer and want to work in research field. Please send your CV with described programming skills. Of course, you can write your PhD and grow professionally with us.

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Our research projects supported by: