Screen Video Recorder

Step 1 - Installation

Please install VideoStudio_X10_Corp

Step 2 - Open

When installation is done, please open <<Live Screen Capture>>

Step 3 - Settings

Please go to Settings and check:

Check the File Name

Audio Settings

Try that microphone level is good enough by pressing Sound Check button.

Step 4 - Create movies

Create all screen videos

Optional Step - Cover

If you want, there is possible download or copy the cover image from PPT with Snipping tool for example.

Warning! Corel FastFlick may cut the videos by assembling in random timestemps and you may loose parts of your videos!

We are testing it, till then, please use VideoStudio x10 instaed of it!!!

Step 5 - Open Video Studio

Open Corel FastFlick studio

Step 6 - Settings

Keep default Theme

Step 7 - Insert captured videos

Bottom left. Press on Add Media

Step 8- Cover image

Insert image of cover page and other parts of your video in correct order!

Step 9- Disable background Music

Press EDIT MUSIC button

Remove music by pressing on X button

Step 10 - Press on Save and Share button

Step 11 - Output format

Now save video in WMV format according to your screen resolution

Last Step - Save Movie

That's all, Thank you!

Tips and Tricks

Upload video to YouTube as UNLISTED or Share in Moodle. To reduce the size of the video, you can upload it to the YouTube and download after video-processing will be done. As result size of the video file will be 10 time less than original, with almost same quality.

P. S: Don't forget to delete video parts from your hard driver, keep only optimized by YouTube composed files.

Advanced option.

Last step allows creating and uploading video in one single step, but for this reason you should log in to the YouTube account.

Useful Links

VLC - Best Open source video player