Link to Project web page


General overview what was done.

Download and insert to www folder

Default path of www : C:\wamp64\www

Link to zip file

This code is more complex than usual, because it includes transactions: ABBY to CSV (done by ABBY), then CSV to SQL, SQL to PDF. Usually your script will be only SQL to PDF transaction

Also, this packages include a lot of tests files, just ignore them, sorry don't have time to clean it.

SQL import

Default user: root and empty password was used.


Run PHP (Of course run Wampserver first!)

go to http://localhost/generate_pdf2.php and run the script (refresh the page)

Customize the PHP according to your task.

1. Download any Editor for example

2. Open the generate_pdf2.php file and edit it

3. Use this video tutorials as instructions

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