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Dennis Belsky

Project Status: 20% completed

General information about RFID

The Top 5 Types of UHF RFID Antennas

Please take time to watch this Video. This is very important summary.

Information and products

RFID Systems from 2000 till now Video review

This movie is reading - demonstration of the products (book, apparel, medicine) with the RFID tag using the sheet antenna. Because the antenna is very thin and is very light, We can install easily it in various places. Particularly, it is most suitable for the application to a smart shelf.

Company - CELLCROSS co., Ltd. http://www.cellcross.co.jp/

Status: Unknown

Price : Unknown

Shelfspan Stock Management System - iCab

half mechanical solution. One antenna on the ceiling.

I room direct link https://flipflashpages.uniflip.com/2/71226/375666/pub/html5.html#page/53

Status: Ok

Price: Custom

Patented antenna, long range 360 degree.

Second video

Company: Maybe not exists

Status: unknown

Price: Unknown

Assembling antenna array on shelf

Status: ok

Price: not listed

Antenna cluster connected to one reader (many antennas, one reader)

Company Unknown

Status: Unknown

Price: Unknown

Ultra-thin UHF / RFID antenna in various sport competitions

Additional information unknown



RFID News Roundup

Year 2019


Products and component lists

Low cost equipment. Unknown quality, documentation and Tax fees.

Simultaner RFID Leser - M6E Nano

Developer Kit M950

1.090,00 €

•excl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping

•RFID UHF Developer Kit M950

with all necessary Hardware and

Software Components.

Die BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF ist mit einer internen Antenne ausgestattet. Der Leser erreicht mit der Antenne eine hohe Lesereichweite von bis zu 3 Metern

1 Unit 525 Euro

200 Units 349 Euro

Hardware components

High Range Customized rfid and transponder uhf rfid antenna a air core coil electromagnet